Split, 10 - 11 October 2011.

Administrative judiciary faced by European challenges

Fair trial as the foundation for court ethics Boris LJUBANOVIĆ

Administrative judge and rights protected by the constitution and European Union law Daniel CHABANOL

Administrative judge and rights guaranteed by the European Convention for the protection of human rights Jean MASSOT

Differentiation of regulations and general acts in the future practice of the Constitutional and Administrative courts after the new Administrative Dispute Act (2010.) Slavica BANIĆ

New administrative proceedings and new administrative dispute in Croatia– Some implications of differences in the regulation of the subject of administrative dispute under the supervision of legality of administrative activity Branko BABAC

Responsibility of the state within the framework of European Union law Terry OLSON

European administrative space and European principles of public administration Neven ŠIMAC

State responsibility within the framework of the European Convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms Emmanuel DECAUX

Uniform interpretation and application of law and the uniqueness of court practice in administrative adjudication Damir AVIANI, Dario ĐERĐA

Just adjudication before the European Court for the protection of human rights in State Council court practice Marc GJIDARA

European Convention for the protection of human rights (article 6) and the Administrative Dispute Act of 2010. Bosiljka BRITVIĆ VETMA

Obligation and execution of decisions reached in administrative dispute Marko ŠIKIĆ

Croatian-French Days of Administrative Law

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