Split, 22 - 23 October 2007.

Towards contemporary public administration
– Traditions and transitions –
Effect and influences of French State Council

Effect and influences of French State Council Jean-Marc SAUVE

State Council and control of administration: historical and developmental aspects Jean MASSOT

Contribution of State Council to the quality of law Jean-Louis DEWOST

Administrative dispute in Croatian Administrative Court practice Ljiljana KARLOVČAN ĐUROVIĆ

State Council and challenges of globalization and European integration Jean-Louis DEWOST

On English ‘non-understanding “of French administrative Law and the „Conseil d’État“ – One historical episode in the development of the development of relations between comparative constitutional and administrative law Arsen BAČIĆ

Recruitment and education of personnel for the State Council and for state administration din France Neven ŠIMAC

New role of the administrative judge in the XXIst century Jean MASSOT

Application of legal fictions in the institute of citizen protection against administrative silence Marko ŠIKIĆ

Administrative silence: legal consequences and regulation Marc GJIDARA

Public-private partnership in France Yves GAUDEMET

Problematizing public-private partnerships in logical regulation of public procurement and concession– previous statements Branko BABAC

Legal protection in the procedure of granting public contracts– harmonization of Croatian Law with the acquis communautaire Damir AVIANI

legal protection of the coast in French administrative law Edouard GEFFRAY

Role and contribution of the French State Council in legislation Petar BAČIĆ

Reasons why the administrative act can impugn in administrative dispute Snježana PEHAR

European convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms (art. 6.) and administrative dispute Bosiljka VETMA BRITVIĆ

Directions of reform of institutional organization pf administrative judiciary in the Republic of Croatia Dario ĐERĐA

Current issues in regulating new Croatian general administrative proceedings Boris LJUBANOVIĆ, Boris BAKOTA

Croatian-French Days of Administrative Law

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