Split, 22 – 23 September 2014.

Execution of Administrative and Administrative Court decisions

European criteria for effective administrative adjudication Jérôme MICHEL

Right to execute administrative court judgements as a guarantee for a fair trial Marko ŠIKIĆ, Lana OFAK

Right to a judge and right to effective legal remedy pursuant to the European Convention for protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms (art . 13) Benoît DELAUNAY

Cooperation among national administrative courts, European Union Court and European Court for the protection of human rights in executing administrative court decisions after the Lisbon treaty Bosiljka BRITVIĆ VETMA, Boris LJUBANOVIĆ

Rule of law and role of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia in executing administrative and administrative court decisions Mario JELUŠIĆ, Duška ŠARIN

Power of evaluation of administrative effectiveness and in the supervision of the administrative judge thereof Daniel GILTARD

Effect of an administrative court dispute on the execution of administrative decisions: temporary measures postponement effect of the lawsuit Frane STANIČIĆ

From postponing execution to emergency procedure Jean MASSOT

Reasons for not executing administrative judges' decisions and means of legal protection against non-execution Alen RAJKO

Reasons for non-execution administrative judges' decisions and means of legal protection in the case of non-execution Marc GJIDARA

Fiat justitia, et pereat mundus? On executing “difficult” court decisions in the process of governance or on court production and reproduction of political conflicts  Arsen BAČIĆ, Petar BAČIĆ

Judges' deadlines, public administration, and society deadlines Daniel CHABANOL

Executing administrative court decisions in Croatian and comparative law Dario ĐERĐA

Execution of judgement in legality disputes; studying the practical case of Jean-Michel LEMOYNE de FORGES

Administrative dispute from filing a lawsuit to execution -disputable issues in practice Božidar HORVAT

Role of the lawyer in Administrative dispute; studying a practical case in full jurisdiction dispute Bruno ODENT

Dispute resolution in taxation law over administrative courts and their contribution to legal security Hrvoje JELIĆ, Kornelija MIŠE BOBINAC

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